Yoni Yoga by Kim

Ancient knowledge for the modern woman

About Me

I'm Kim Lasinger a holistic pelvic care coach and a Yoni Yoga facilitator (Jade egg practice). 

I build healing and empowerment journeys for women to reconnect to their feminine power and pleasure that includes: unleashing your pleasure body, healing from trauma, boosting fertility, postpartum recovery, hormonal support, menstruation support and much more. 

I was trained by today's leading masters: Master Mantak Chia, Master Khon Ni, the Tao Tantric Arts school and more.

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Abdominal Massage
Holistic Sexual health Coaching

Chi and Karsei Nei tsang Massage is  an abdominal massage meant to balance and detox your organs.

These personal sessions are designed as a healing and empowerment journey to allow you to access your deepest passion, and pleasure while achieving pelvic health.

Yoni Yoga Sessions

Yoni yoga is an embodied meditation structured to help you connect to your feminine essence and to utilizing your sexual energy into healing, pleasure and a more holistic sexual experience.



"I returned to myself! Approximately 2 months after our first class, I conceived naturally.  "